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The Wanjia Oriental Hotel (Xiamen Wanjia Dongfang Jiudian) is located close to Wanshi Botanical Garden and guests enjoy convenient access to transportation network.    This Xiamen hotel offers well-appointed and modernly-designed rooms and suites.    Conference space includes a professional multi-functional meeting room and business center.
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住客评论 2009条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • carson12345
    Very good. very satisfied
  • ffyanff
    Very good, very convenient traffic, environment and good service is in place,
  • ytwj0722
    Breakfast, location. breakfast point
  • agnesp0308
    Eat breakfast, there was a fish tank
  • lywyf_622
    Very convenient hotel has its own car park, Zhongshan Road, walk more than 10 minutes, service was okay
  • e02732653
    Big room, facilities are new, the same price the hotel is the best
  • sxwbsst520
    Good service at the front desk, child without a registered permanent residence, hotel passion leading to station proved open to check for security, join friends to go remember bring along documents! breakfast and as bad as ever, small glasses stall is worse than before, French cane Gu JIU Coke, the rooms at total satisfaction!
  • e05479321
  • tina6
    Price/performance King of location to the University as long as a tunnel, in front of small glasses, room great, but great little breakfast, but fresh---very good
  • jetding
    Nice, big, around transport facilities, right next to the glasses gears, next time will choose to move
  • season
    Hotel location is very good, downstairs is the little glasses big gear, a 5-minute walk is the botanical gardens! good health that some hotel facility slightly old, but, after all, for years, can be understood! hotel service very good, staff were very friendly!
  • Dacular
    Good general health it is OK it is OK
  • e01382770
    Breakfast is not good enough
  • rssgtr
    Not live up to four stars, the room was very old, register at the front desk took half an hour, the first day in room 313, two air conditioning balcony with the room next door, with two large tractors, a sleepless night!
  • nedwerd
    Around the same price is great, after all, trust the chain hotel. friendly service staff,
  • dingdingsmile
    Breakfast very nice
  • ellis0404
    Front desk service was very old and very is broken (mini) environment, very quiet
  • MMMM~~~~~~
    Environment can also travel, ease, playing pleasant
  • buniu
    Very good hotel, health conditions or recommend
  • e00891509
    Nice hotel with high cost performance, also send Coke, little surprise. but what about the slippers? too late, do not bother to ask, wash sleep
  • tingfengna
    High performance-price ratio, nice hotel!
  • emily417
    Well, around eating convenient, small downstairs restaurant seafood such as Su You did great
  • foxlan
    So so
  • e00232095
    Very nice hotel, good price, clean, good service attitude
  • flyman
    Very convenient location, downstairs is a small eye, overall good
  • fangfeng83038
    Which is very nice
  • peterboyli
    Hotel location was good, value for money can also, surrounding many seafood restaurant
  • fengwu5
    Hotel was good, although renovated for many years, but health is still good!
  • e00823624
    Going out is very convenient, is near from the Zhongshan Road, Botanic Garden is recommended. stall affordable small glasses, taste good
  • leidier
    Anti-60 orders, said cash did not reverse
  • e03111516
    Hotel of location had nothing to say, traffic is convenient, make health of sister smile is good, live has three days daily are has clean room. hotel also package breakfast, type more, North-South are can care to, 358 this price reasonable! dinner convenient, downstairs has three home big row document, small glasses popularity is highest of, but didn't imagine in the good, points of sauce water cycle full is sand. hotel front desk also is has patience, requirements quiet room are can solution. but, in set room Shi has description gift beverage, fruitAnd no cash.
  • alex8845
    Stay downtown attractions, the traffic is very convenient, and attractions by taxi is not expensive, very satisfied!
  • sxwwd
    First occupancy is said to clean, to wait for half an hour, then meal is no family room, originally very angry want to return, then see the tone of the House with family room, service is also very good
  • Lady Wang
    Which is very nice
  • EricGalxy
    The location of the hotel for foreign tourists, highly appropriate. play shopping bus out. from downtown walk to. Hotel one has a feeling of being at home, as if to return to their home comfortable. hotel's breakfast is rich. If there are old people, children, this hotel is an ideal choice.
  • ad3377
    Generally, larger rooms, but facilities generally, particularly this time prices are too high
  • ariesli
    It's OK
  • Corine
  • p_rosso
    Room is very big, very cost-effective hotel. also very convenient travel around
    Zhongshan Road, Xiamen University, botanical gardens, a clean environment, the whole family 0K
  • oldwino
    11 period between to of, hotel of location very of ideal, to around of attractions are is convenient, downstairs is small glasses seafood big document, price very of high. in there altogether live has three a night, price slightly high has points, but with children out play, car is very convenient of. put Raiders Shang do has lessons of all attractions are go to has, achieved has eat good, play good, rest good of wishes, also with children to has once Beach, left has many better of memories, all are worth has! For this hotel great, highly recommend taking the children who chose this hotel. the only thing was the room slightly small, first night sent fruit and water, great!
  • iamvivipig
    Nice environment!
  • agerman
    Very satisfied.
  • junwx
    So, can only use these three words describe. gulangyu Island before and live so much worse.
  • Iytgege
    Good location, convenient, the rooms are clean, breakfast.
  • arnord
    Room is clean, fully equipped, rooms at the first day of free Cola and fruit. convenient clock tower cable on the side.
  • mulder
    Really going to stop hot water in winter be careful
  • britton
    Set of 5 between standard between are was by row in has Deputy floor of six floor four between and three floor of 305, not central air conditioning, night indoor air conditioning has dry sound, put in balcony in of outside machine also very of ring. especially 305 room balcony Shang actually has 3 only outside machine, 606 room has 2 only outside machine. part room of top some moldy, wallpaper some Alice up. breakfast General, and 25 Yuan of price also match. hotel location also is better, Botanical Garden on in near, walk 5 minutes. Zhongshan Road exercises path wordsWalk 15 minutes around. small glasses row document on in hotel outside of downstairs, people very of more, needed took, queued, experience has Xia, does not like online recommended of as good. spent crab 60 Yuan a only, a also is unlikely to. dish price not cheap. home said Xiamen locals is not to eat of, are is visitors. boss also not locals. instead recommended hotel near of a locals open of surplus Cui restaurant (Hotel door left turn walk 3 minutes), price than small glasses high. taste also good. SpecialDon't be that cucumber fish ball soup, egg yolk mixed ru, very delicious.
  • Youdt
    From Zhongshan Park, very close to the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road, Xiamen and other places close to gulangyu Island taxi to the ferry terminal as long as 13.
  • jumperyu
    Nice, downstairs there are seafood chain, the traffic is very convenient, within walking distance to the pedestrian street and the Zhongshan Park, was satisfied with hemp